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Human Sophia

A veiled watercolor. History of the Divine Sophia from her position as wisdom in nature to wisdom in human beings. Looking forward, she is helping to create a future of love on earth and above.

Summer Soul

A veiled watercolor. An attempt to feel expansion into the heights, at the peak of summer. Viridian Green is a color of light, shimmering in all that it touches.

Guardian Angel

A watercolor showing abundance of life in the spiritual world bordering on ours. Where my angel calls home.


A veiled watercolor. Multiple veils of three main colors which balance the color spectrum, as does mother, father and baby.

Glory for the Seed

A wet on wet paper watercolor, honoring Goethe's harmony in Color studies. The abundance of life in nature always brings this feeling of fullness.


A veiled watercolor, honoring the lively movements where water and earth meet.

Iris Color

A large acrylic. Orange, purple and green in one flower.

St Michael

A large acrylic. My attempt to show St. Michael's current emphasis of work, in iconic forms.

Air element

A veiled watercolor. Sylphs teaching birds to sing as they soar through the air.

Water element

A veiled watercolor. Undines flowing around and through fish as they swim.

Earth element

A veiled watercolor. Gnomes constantly working down in the earth.

Fire element

A veiled watercolor. Salamanders (fire spirits) rising and falling to bring living warmth to all beings.

First Beginnings

A veiled watercolor. For creation to begin, the hierarchies each provided different gifts, starting evolution on its way.

Heart and Soul

A veiled watercolor in almost two colors. The movements of red and blue bring life into being.

Flight into Egypt

A veiled watercolor. A gentle portrayal of motherly love.

Cow Bay Sunset

A wet on wet watercolor to portray a beautiful sunset on Cowichan Bay, British Columbia. Turquoise and orange make a peaceful balance.


A veiled watercolor plus pastel chalk. These three cats seem to blend together in a pile because their colors complement each other so well.

Orange Flower with Fairy

A veiled watercolor portraying the deep shady garden colors.

Northern Lights

This is an oil pastel of northern lights in Finland 2001 or 2002.

Fairies in the Iris

A veiled watercolor showing just what could be hiding within a flower.

Adding the Yellow

A charcoal with pastel chalk coloring. An idea of how colors are painted on flowers.

Birds and a Fairy

A veiled watercolor. Also called "Wake up it's Spring" - the birds are listening to a fairy.

Four Elements

Veiled watercolors - water, air, earth and fire, in a format of all four elements.